What To Be Aware Of:

Personal devices can be targets for malicious software (malware), used to gather information from personal devices to be used in subsequent cyber-attacks and as a pivot point to gain access to other devices and assets.

How To Protect Yourself:

  • Maintain the latest operating system and application (e.g., browser) patches, and security software
  • Inspect and update networking devices frequently, including routers, firewalls, and wireless products
  • Reduce your attack surface by removing data stored on personal devices valuable to cyber attackers
  • Implement strong multifactor authentication when using internet-based applications and services
  • Utilize a cloud service to encrypt and securely store critical personal files remotely
  • Learn how to review the logs produced by personal device activity
  • Prune applications not being used often to reduce your device attack surface
  • Avoid installing feature-rich applications that have only free services – if it’s free, you are the product!
  • Think about how you protect assets in the natural world and apply that same skill in the digital world
  • Use common sense – if it seems suspicious or dangerous, it probably is!

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