Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework

Did you know that the GuardSight Cybersecurity Services delivery teams are organized into Security Operations (SECOPS) and Special Operations (SPECOPS) units and use an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework to achieve their strategic Mission Objectives?

Here’s how it works: GuardSight SECOPS teams are primarily responsible for handling day-to-day cyber hygiene activities and making daily contact with the cyber enemy. These teams are squads of less than fifteen members and are classified as Team-1, Team-3, Team-n, and so on. Two Directors lead SECOPS, and two Captains lead each SECOPS team.

GuardSight SPECOPS is primarily responsible for penetration assessments and incident response, including a quick reaction force (QRF) that comes to the aid of the SECOPS teams when a fight with the enemy ensues. SPECOPS is one team consisting of red-teamers, incident-response, and tools/weapons-development personnel. One Director leads SPECOPS, and designated operators having specialized skills lead each functional area.

The Directors of SECOPS and SPECOPS work with GuardSight’s top-level executive leadership to align and develop quarterly Objectives. These answer the question, “What do we want to accomplish?” Objectives are qualitative, inspiring, strategic missions that the teams will accomplish. Key Results are born from Objectives and answer the question, “How will we measure and reach the Objectives?” Key Results are quantitative, measurable battle plans that provide pathways for accomplishing Mission Objectives. Finally, the tactical workforces of both SECOPS and SPECOPS answer the question, “How will we mobilize to achieve the Key Results?” These workforce teams conduct agile, skillful, and tactical movements to achieve the Key Results and, ultimately, Mission Objectives.

What does this mean for you as someone already utilizing or considering purchasing one of the GuardSight SECOPS protection packages or SPECOPS services? Disciplined operational execution teams are constantly working to improve your cyber readiness posture using OKR as the continuous improvement north star. Threat actors, including well-funded criminal organizations and highly motivated nation-states, can penetrate the best layers of defense and resiliency. Cyber SECOPS/SPECOPS operator teams working in unison are geared to put down these intrusions quickly. Creating cyber resiliency through the principles of disciplined operational execution disrupts and degrades threat actors.

And it doesn’t stop there. Other GuardSight units positively impact your organization by embracing the application of the OKR framework. One example of one of those is GuardSight’s Professional Development unit, responsible for assisting with the growth and maturation of GuardSight teammates. Every GuardSight operator analyst protecting your assets is on a continuous journey of enlightenment and improvement through education, certification, and experience. Having trained, specialized, and skilled operators at your side provides evidence of due care and offers your business an affirmative defense when facing compromise-related legal challenges.

Contact us to learn more about GuardSight’s OKR management doctrine and how we can help your team succeed in hybrid or surge-ops mode in the cyber fight against the bad guys!