Hello, and welcome back to this next TomCast from GuardSight; we are a tactical cybersecurity-as-a-service organization dedicated to helping businesses protect their data, their assets, and their endpoints.

Today we are going to talk about starting a career in cybersecurity. Joining us are two of Guardsight’s amazing cyber analysts, Jacob Bilyeu and Tate Lykins. Say hello, gentlemen! So, for this discussion, I am gonna ask some questions of you to get your perspective on being a cyber analyst.

Jacob, we’ll start with you, and Tate, I will ask you the same (tune in to hear the answers):

  1. Is this your first position in the cybersecurity field?
  2. Had you applied to other organizations prior to being hired on at GuardSight?
  3. What initially drew you to working in cyber?
  4. What was it that made GuardSight an organization you wanted to work for?
  5. What is it like working for a tactical unit cybersecurity organization as a whole?
  6. If you had the opportunity to speak to people showing interest in either starting a career in cyber, or switching a career to cyber, what would you tell them?
  7. Any parting comments for our listeners you would like to share?

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