Cybersecurity: Using External Forces To Defend Your Data

Every day, American businesses come under attack from dark forces around the world. Criminal enterprises and hackers, disgruntled individuals, “hacktivists,” and even foreign political and business adversaries are all hard at work attempting to break into computer systems to steal today’s most valuable currency: data

And while large corporations and high-profile companies might seem like the most likely – and lucrative — target for cybercriminals, in reality, it’s small-to-medium size businesses (SMBs) that are the most attractive marks for cyber bad guys. That’s because, according to the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, SMBs account for almost half of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and account for close to 100 percent of all import and export business. In other words, American small business is everywhere, making money, and the cyber-crooks know it. Best of all, for those with evil intent, many of those SMBs are digitally vulnerable. They lack the resources and the commitment to robustly protect their most valuable asset – their corporate, employee, and customer data.

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