Phin Security


Phin changes the way that organizations measure and train against phishing risks.

By choosing GuardSight and Phin phishing simulation, you can:

Unleash Realistic Simulation
We go beyond basic phishing by preparing your team to identify some of the most effective social engineering tactics used right now. Change sending channels, personalize phish content, and organize intelligent campaigns with a few clicks.

Prescribe Training Modules and Learning Moments
Use micro-learning video modules, Learning Moments, or export learning to somewhere else to provide each employee with the learning they need.

Identify New Vulnerabilities
Use the data collected during simulation and training to find new and existing vulnerabilities. Once identified, automatically refine future simulation and training to reduce risk in your organization further.

Measure the Impact
From an overview to a breakdown of an employee’s performance, we provide the real-time reporting you need to track progress. Use our reports to effectively measure how you are continually addressing the vulnerabilities of employees and reducing risk.