Meet John McGloughlin

John (“johnmac”) McGloughlin is a leader, entrepreneur, hacker, and tactical cybersecurity expert. He has extensive experience in many areas of technology and information security, including network engineering, software development, systems administration, vulnerability management, cyber intelligence management, cybersecurity operations (SECOPS), and incident response.

His industry experiences include retail, entertainment, banking, finance, insurance, education, technology, real estate, biopharma, manufacturing, sports, internet, and data science.

John is a CISSP, co-author of a Cyber Security Analytics Architecture patent, a member of the Industry Advisory Board for Southern Utah University, an Occupational Advisory Committee member of Southwest Technical College, a Utah volunteer fire fighter, a Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary civilian volunteer, an InfraGard member, an Infrastructure Liaison Officer, and a proud American.

Reach out to johnmac here:
PGP ( or 0464 6E35 BE30 49B2