Red8 Red8’s team of exceptional technology champions hold over 1000 IT certifications and have been recognized for their innovative thought-leadership by global IT organizations and manufacturers. By leveraging our team of experts along with our intrinsic partnerships with today’s top technology companies, you will see true enterprise value for your organization.

Blackstone Law Group Blackstone Law Group provides information security, compliance, and related investigative services in a legally privileged context. They work hand-in-hand with GuardSight to offer a full arsenal of information security services in response to and in compliance with constantly changing legal and regulatory requirements including: Risk Assessments Managed Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments Hyper-intensive Offensive… Read More

AT&T Cybersecurity AT&T Cybersecurity’s AlienVault USM Anywhere is a Unified Security Platform for Threat Detection, Incident Response & Compliance. AlienVault USM is the only solution to deliver multiple essential security capabilities plus continuously updated threat intelligence all in one platform.

GreyNoise GreyNoise empowers customers to differentiate between targeted attacks and Internet background noise. This anti-threat intelligence allows network analysts and operators to prioritize alerts from security products and focus on the ones that matter.

DataWise360 DataWise360 is a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping businesses optimize their use of data + analytics + technology to measure results & improve business performance.

Lynx Technology Partners The Lynx Risk Management (LRM) platform provides a powerful risk and compliance solution that allows an organization to immediately improve their audit workflow and then assess their IT risk posture against internal and external regulations.

Symtec SymTec provides Managed IT Services to help small businesses overcome day to day headaches and frustrations caused by Information Technology.


Offensive Security Certified Professional is a certification that validates knowledge and expertise for researching networks, identifying vulnerabilities and successfully executing attacks.

PolyLogyx PolyLogyx provides a full-featured EDR product built on open standards and open-source platforms supporting broader community participation. Its OSQuery-based design allows agent extensibility to other endpoint technologies from the community at large, and its OpenC2 standard enables response commands across multiple systems.


GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst is a certification that validates knowledge and expertise to conduct formal incident investigations and handle advanced incident handling scenarios, including internal and external data breach intrusions, advanced persistent threats, anti-forensic techniques used by attackers, and complex digital forensic cases.