Red8 Red8’s team of exceptional technology champions hold over 1000 IT certifications and have been recognized for their innovative thought-leadership by global IT organizations and manufacturers. By leveraging our team of experts along with our intrinsic partnerships with today’s top technology companies, you will see true enterprise value for your organization.

Trace3 A premier provider of technical business solutions, Trace3 integrates IT products and services with insightful consultation to provide total transformation for both executives and organizations.

Sumo Logic Sumo Logic puts the power of machine data analytics in everyone’s hands by unifying all data types, enabling universal access, and leveraging cloud economics – all from a single, cloud-native, continuous intelligence platform delivered and consumed as a true SaaS. Sumo Logic helps GuardSight mitigate cyber risks in real-time by providing sophisticated data analytics… Read More

Automox Automox provides a cloud-native endpoint management platform to consolidate and achieve continuous observability, regardless of environment, location, or device. Automox helps GuardSight gain continuous insight at scale into all endpoints to inventory hardware and software, automatically patch remote systems and dynamically deploy new software.

Blackberry Cylance The GuardSight partnership with Blackberry Cylance incorporates the BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics platform into our service offering, providing our customers with predictive, AI-driven, endpoint protection.

CrowdStrike The GuardSight partnership with CrowdStrike incorporates the Falcon Platform into our service offering, providing our customers with a complete cloud-native framework to protect endpoints, stop breaches and improve performance with the power of the cloud using AI and an intelligent, lightweight agent.

AT&T Cybersecurity AT&T Cybersecurity’s AlienVault USM Anywhere is a Unified Security Platform for Threat Detection, Incident Response & Compliance. AlienVault USM is the only solution to deliver multiple essential security capabilities plus continuously updated threat intelligence all in one platform.

Phin Security

  Phin changes the way that organizations measure and train against phishing risks. By choosing GuardSight and Phin phishing simulation, you can: Unleash Realistic Simulation We go beyond basic phishing by preparing your team to identify some of the most effective social engineering tactics used right now. Change sending channels, personalize phish content, and organize… Read More

Blackstone Law Group Blackstone Law Group provides information security, compliance, and related investigative services in a legally privileged context. They work hand-in-hand with GuardSight to offer a full arsenal of information security services in response to and in compliance with constantly changing legal and regulatory requirements including: Risk Assessments Managed Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments Hyper-intensive Offensive… Read More