TOP-IOC Progression Indicators of Compromise

Did you know that one of the disciplines used by the GuardSight Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS) teams during the daily confrontation with the cyber enemy is known as Top-IOC Progression?

Here’s what it’s all about: Top-IOC Progression is a disciplined analysis execution model devised by experienced GuardSight SECOPS teams. It equips these teams with a consistent methodology and taxonomy for providing comprehensive examinations of Indicators of Compromise (IOC). It is a best-practices standard employed by SECOPS and quick reaction force (QRF) teams to determine a go/no-go action for deploying countermeasures against a successful compromise.

TOP-IOC Progression is an instance of Human-Machine Teaming. This powerful paradigm combines the discipline of proficient human operators joining forces with sophisticated cyber weapons/tooling technologies such as SIEM, EDR, and XDR. The application of Top-IOC Progression shifts the balance of power away from the bad actors and into the realm of SECOPS teams.

What does this mean for you as someone already utilizing or considering purchasing one of the GuardSight SECOPS protection packages? Reduced dwell time and improvements to your cyber readiness posture. Threat actors, including well-funded criminal organizations and highly motivated nation-states, can penetrate the best layers of defense and resiliency. Cyber SECOPS teams must put down these intrusions quickly. Creating resiliency through the principles of layered defense and Human-Machine Teaming disrupts and degrades threat actors.

And it doesn’t stop there. The application of TOP-IOC Progression includes documenting each interaction resulting from a signal of potential compromise. These documented artifacts provide evidence of due care and offer your business an affirmative defense when facing compromise-related legal challenges.

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