GuardSight Work Instructions

Did you know that the GuardSight Cybersecurity Teams (SECOPS/SPECOPS) develop and use Work Instructions to create and maintain a system of operational excellence?

Here’s what it’s all about: Consistency, speed, precision, and transition are vital factors for effective Cybersecurity operations. Risks of defects to tactics, techniques, and procedures brought on by continually elevated op-tempos can be mitigated by documented instructions and training. Instructions provide teams with everything from maintaining cyberweaponry to performing analysis, dissecting malware, and preparing customer briefings.

Cyber resiliency prospers when applying the Human-Machine Teaming paradigm. Machines thrive and endure because humans provide them with operating instructions. Humans also thrive and perform better when aided by instruction and defined expectations. In addition to reducing the risk of defects, work instructions enrich the Cybersecurity operational ecosystem in the following ways:

  1. Improve operational performance
  2. Reduce the risk of defects
  3. Define expectations
  4. Decrease cognitive decay, stress, frustration, and fatigue
  5. Invite collaboration
  6. Strengthen ownership of objectives

What does this mean for you as someone already utilizing or considering purchasing one of the GuardSight SECOPS protection packages? Reduced dwell time, improvements to your cyber readiness posturecontinuity across teams, and elimination of dependency on a single individual. Work instructions aid in disrupting and degrading threat actors.

GuardSight Work Instructions

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