Great news! GuardSight is now an official member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC). Here’s why this is a big deal for GuardSight and our clients.

What is OSAC? OSAC is a public-private partnership between the Department of State and affiliated companies that promotes security awareness on issues abroad. The core mission of this unique global security community is to provide critical support during times of crisis and an invaluable ongoing exchange of information and best practices that empowers members to stay informed, connected, and better able to manage and mitigate risk.

Why does OSAC matter? This program allows companies and individuals to be more informed about active threats via alerting, peer groups, and analysis. This threat intelligence could include political developments/instability, potential conflicts, terrorism, criminal syndicate activity, cybercrime (both state/non-state), etc.

Why does OSAC matter to GuardSight clients? Through the OSAC program, we can provide our clients more clarity about global events, and directly assist in protecting those assets located internationally. Since the program is a government partnership, we support analysts from OSAC for advisement purposes!