Fatigue Management Techniques

Did you know that GuardSight Cybersecurity Operations (SECOPS) Teams apply several Fatigue Management techniques to reduce the cognitive overload rendered by the steady operational tempo of battling the cyber enemy?

Here’s what it’s all about: Speed and precision are critical factors for reducing the dwell time of a cyber attack. Dwell time is the time between the moment a threat actor successfully compromises assets, living undetected, and when they are discovered, contained, and entirely eradicated by the tactical teams. The longer the dwell time, the greater the risk of extensive damage.

Technology resiliency combined with humans in the loop is required to achieve the ultimate Human-Machine Teaming paradigm of speed and precision proficiency. Machines thrive and endure in these compounding conditions. Humans, however, will experience the negative impacts of those same conditions. Constantly elevated op-tempos will eventually break a human down, inducing cognitive erosion, and increased acute and episodic stress, frustration, and fatigue. Threat diagnosis, task effectiveness, mission objective, general well-being, and satisfaction will all deteriorate.

What Fatigue Management techniques does GuardSight use to avoid those potential declines?

  1. First, we demand that humans rest. That appears simple because it is and it’s effective. GuardSight analyst operators work a “four days on three days off” schedule. Every operator surveyed indicates this is the most significant factor in maintaining steady high performance and reducing the effects of fatigue. Our teammates love this policy.
  2. Second, we train operators on disciplined analysis execution models such as TOP-IOC progression. This approach equips humans with a semi-automated human response mechanism. This model also provides a consistent methodology and taxonomy for comprehensive examinations of IOC, making passing the baton to another teammate seamless and succinct.
  3. Third, we continuously rewire for speed. In addition to quantitative assessments/surveys of the tactical workforce, our leadership listens to and observes the workforce ethos and is receptive to change! Comms collaboration, drive-by conversations, intentional curiosity, and sometimes, just paying attention to meme productions in the Slack #random channel are all contributors to change.
  4. Finally, we embed long-term DNA of hardened warriors that welcome initiative, purposeful intent, unity, and teamwork. SECOPS is not for everyone. It is a grind practiced by a unique class of people. Leaders in GuardSight set that expectation with every teammate from the outset. Our tactical operators follow by embracing a philosophy of thoughtful communication, having each other’s backs, and believing in the mission.

What does this mean for you as someone already utilizing or considering purchasing one of the GuardSight SECOPS protection packagesReduced dwell time and improvements to your cyber readiness posture. Creating resiliency through the principles of layered defense and high-performing Human-Machine Teaming disrupts and degrades threat actors.

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