Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) weaponry

Did you know that one of the technologies used by the GuardSight team to improve cybersecurity posture and combat threats is called EDR?

Fact: Cybersecurity operations teams gain an advantage in a cyber fight by outfitting assets with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) weaponry. The ability to orient quickly, focus the aperture of response, and terminate a threat before it spreads, is significantly improved when EDR is present. Those are a few reasons why the elite teams at GuardSight use EDR.

What does this mean for you as someone already utilizing or considering purchasing one of the GuardSight SECOPS protection packages? Improvements to your cyber readiness posture. Creating resiliency through layered defense and termination capability closest to the origins of an attack disrupts and degrades threat actors. We shift the balance of power away from the bad actors and towards the Cyber SECOPS team.

How can you implement EDR in your environment? Purchase a GuardSight SECOPS package! One of GuardSight’s best partnerships is with Cybereason and includes incorporating their Ransomware Protection/NGAV/EDR platform. This technology permits the GuardSight SECOPS teams significant stopping power against would-be miscreants. When deploying Cybereason, the GuardSight teams move beyond alerting with operation-centric security by leveraging the Cybereason MalOp for multi-stage visualizations of attack sequences that are correlated from root causes across every affected device and user.

And it doesn’t stop there. The GuardSight team has experience with operating many flavors of EDR. If you already have an EDR platform and need hybrid and surge-ops support, there’s a good possibility that the GuardSight team is familiar with your platform and can support that need with one of our protection packages.

Contact us to learn more about EDR and how we can help your team succeed in the cyber fight against the bad guys!