Blog: Cyber Legislation Affecting SMB’s

Connecticut House Bill 6607 is an act incentivizing the adoption of cybersecurity standards for businesses. The bill establishes legal protections for organizations that voluntarily adopt certain recognized cybersecurity best practices and implement a written information security program.  John McGloughlin, CEO of GuardSight, indicated in his written testimony that HB 6607 provides a positive way of protecting information rather than… Read More

Playbook Battle Card: GSPBC-1023 – Privilege Escalation – Exploitation for Privilege Escalation

How To Protect Against Privilege Escalation Attacks: Create strong passwords and change them regularly. This simple action can lower the risk of privilege escalation cyber attacks. If all administrator accounts have a strong password, hackers will struggle to take control of their accounts. You can also protect against privilege escalation cyberattacks by monitoring login requests…. Read More

Work From Home: Cybersecurity Awareness Topics & Best Practices For Maintaining Robust Digital Hygiene – Personal Devices

What To Be Aware Of: Personal devices can be targets for malicious software (malware), used to gather information from personal devices to be used in subsequent cyber-attacks and as a pivot point to gain access to other devices and assets. How To Protect Yourself: Maintain the latest operating system and application (e.g., browser) patches, and… Read More

Case Study: Cybersecurity Partnership Prepares ALI for Business Growth

Cybersecurity Partnership Prepares ALI for Business Growth ALI Partners with GuardSight to Rapidly Expand Cyber Expertise Background Advanced Logic Industries (ALI) is a professional IT services company that works with organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic to manage and support their IT operations. IT security is a critical component of today’s IT management strategy. To augment its… Read More

Roundup: Mikaela’s Cyber Roundup No.2

GuardSight Engineering Day GS-Newbie Commercials On GuardSight’s annual Engineering Day, our cybersecurity experts showcase their special projects. We also task new-hires to create a “GuardSight Commercial.” Check out this GuardSight commercial created by Thomas Grant.You can view his commercial here on GuardSight’s LinkedIn. Your Awareness is the Best Defense 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions An unprecedented and rapid… Read More

Round Up: Mikaela’s Cyber Round Up | No.1

GuardSight Selected as Finalist for CISO Choice Awards GuardSight, Inc. is proud to be selected as a CISO Choice Awards 2020 Finalist! Congratulations to the other accomplished finalists. Thank you to Security Current, its Board of Judges, and YL Ventures for taking the time to evaluate this exceptional group of companies! Average and Median Ransom Payments Up in 2020… Read More

Playbook Battle Card: GSPBC-1018 – Collection – Email Collection – Cloud Email Compromise

GuardSight’s Playbook Battle Cards are part of the choreographed routines protecting our customer’s assets. GuardSight’s disciplined processes are critical in SECOPS. As of 2020, 91% of all cyber attacks started with an email breach. Business email compromise attacks impersonating trusted members of an organization now account for 36% of all email strikes.  You can also view this PBC on… Read More

Playbook Battle Card: GSPBC-1019 – Persistence – BITS Jobs

Playbook Battle Cards are part of GuardSight’s choreographed routines protecting our customers. Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is a file transfer implement. Cyber attackers often abuse BITS jobs to execute malign objectives.  Aggressors may abuse BITS to download and execute malicious code, and because BITS tasks are self-contained, Host firewalls typically permit the activity…. Read More