Video: GuardSight Culture

Hi, I’m John McGloughlin, CEO of GuardSight. I want to share a little bit about GuardSight’s culture and what it takes to join the GuardSight team. So first, GuardSight’s a positive, vision-driven, customer-centric organization. Hanging on our walls in our cyber SOC in Cedar City, Utah, are our six core values: value creation, customer intimacy, operational excellence, teamwork, development, and leadership. Now, these aren’t the proverbial slogans that you’ll see hanging on a Mount Everest poster or maybe at a hole at the Augusta Golf Club in the background with, “Achieve, conquer, succeed.” These are values we expect all of our employees to make a connection with, endorse, embrace, and practice every day, and they do that. Our employees bring a warrior mentality every day. Our employees get in the fight. In cybersecurity, you have to want to be in the fight. We like to say, “Get in the fight or go sit in the stands.” And our employees have a team-first philosophy. So being an individual warrior is essential because it demonstrates the ability to function and survive independently, but being a teammate is more important because it presents a force multiplier opportunity and makes the company stronger. So we like to say, “Be elite, and own it. Operate a high level of quality and do your job with excellence.” We get to fight bad guys for a living. We work in air-conditioned buildings. We get paid, and we’re probably going to go home alive tonight. How cool is that? To learn more about joining the GuardSight team, visit us at

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