Video: Best Practices For Cybersecurity Teams

When it comes to best practices cybersecurity teams should be implementing, there are five that I find to be particularly effective and not always on businesses radar. First, align your tactical operations and compliance activities with the priorities of the business. Identify what keeps you up at night and align with that. Examples of this are business continuity, protection of customer data, protection of employee data, protection of your brand, your reputation. Then consider insurance and legal challenges in there as well. Second, make a leadership commitment to fight the bad guys. Cyber leaders have to want to fight the bad guys; teams have to want to fight the bad guys. Hire individuals that want to fight the bad guys. Consider hiring virtues before talent. And make use of external experts, they provide productivity gains and potential mentorship. Finally, on that topic, lead from the front, always lead from the front. Third. Create a mission first team, first culture. So know your mission, communicate the mission, define the roles and set expectations. Fourth. Think systematic routines. The way I like to think of things are: respond, automate, and hunt. It’s live fire, weapons inspections and data patrols are a good way to think about that. Fifth. Measure and report on what is critical to the success of the mission. So think about your cybersecurity team and make sure you are implementing these five best practices. If you want to learn more, visit our website at or give us a call to schedule a free consultation.

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