Playbook Battle Card: GSPBC-1023 – Privilege Escalation – Exploitation for Privilege Escalation

How To Protect Against Privilege Escalation Attacks: Create strong passwords and change them regularly. This simple action can lower the risk of privilege escalation cyber attacks. If all administrator accounts have a strong password, hackers will struggle to take control of their accounts. You can also protect against privilege escalation cyberattacks by monitoring login requests…. Read More

Work From Home: Cybersecurity Awareness Topics & Best Practices For Maintaining Robust Digital Hygiene – Personal Devices

What To Be Aware Of: Personal devices can be targets for malicious software (malware), used to gather information from personal devices to be used in subsequent cyber-attacks and as a pivot point to gain access to other devices and assets. How To Protect Yourself: Maintain the latest operating system and application (e.g., browser) patches, and… Read More

Case Study: Cybersecurity Partnership Prepares ALI for Business Growth

Cybersecurity Partnership Prepares ALI for Business Growth ALI Partners with GuardSight to Rapidly Expand Cyber Expertise Background Advanced Logic Industries (ALI) is a professional IT services company that works with organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic to manage and support their IT operations. IT security is a critical component of today’s IT management strategy. To augment its… Read More