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Cyber Security


Founded in 2009, GuardSight helps businesses of all sizes safeguard their digital assets and reputations against online threats.

"Our commitment to cybersecurity must match our commitment to innovation. If our digital economy is to thrive, it must be secure. That means that every enterprise in our society—large and small companies, government at all levels, educational institutions, and individuals—must be more purposefully and effectively engaged in addressing cyber risks."- Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity


GuardSight customers use our Managed Security Services and Tactical Cyber Security Operations for the purpose of Continuous Compliance including:

  • Embedded expert cyber security analysts as staff augmentation to support internal resources
  • Handling of daily security operations including response to attacks from malicious actors
  • Operation and daily functional inspections of cyber security weapons systems
  • Creation of standard operating procedures / work instructions
  • Assessments of asset vulnerabilities
  • Response to asset compromise

GuardSight also assists companies by making their existing security teams functionally better and more efficient through formal work instruction documentation, training, guidance and mentoring.

Embedded Security Analysts

GuardSight provides expert cyber security analysts for both onsite Security Operation Center (SOC) and remote Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) cyber security services. GuardSight is comprised of individuals with decades of large enterprise experience in security operations management. GuardSight security analysts hold multiple professional security certifications including CISSP, CISM, CISA, CEH, CHFI, GCIA, GCIH, GPEN, GCFA, and OSCP.


GuardSight assists companies with determining the appropriate level of control that should be applied to information assets by providing evaluations of asset security posture relative to threats and vulnerabilities. GuardSight conducts passive and active analysis of asset weaknesses, technical flaws, and vulnerabilities using a wide variety of COTS software, open source technologies, proprietary tools, and years of experience. GuardSight security analysts hold multiple professional certifications related to security and risk assessments including CISSP, CEH, CISA, GPEN, and OSCP.


Application Assessments

GuardSight evaluates the security posture of assets by performing passive and active assessments of application weaknesses, technical flaws, and vulnerabilities. GuardSight employs both automated and manual techniques when conducting attack simulations.

Risk Assessments

GuardSight provides expert analysis and opinions for both C-level and M-level decision makers using data intimacy and quantitative factors. GuardSight develops and presents accurate aggregate business perspectives of threats having real potential to create loss.


Compliance Assistance

GuardSight assists companies with developing reusable process and infrastructure required for continuous compliance requirements. GuardSight brings vision, energy, and experience to teams responsible for compliance and auditor interaction.

Control Recommendations

GuardSight contributes knowledge and technical expertise for the correct positioning and application of security controls. GuardSight analysts utilize COTS, open source, and proprietary controls to assert asset resilience.


GuardSight BreachMasters™ incident response services including breach containment, digital forensics research and analysis, and post IR planning. GuardSight is also able to assist organizations with assessments of their current IR processes and training for existing staff. GuardSight security analysts have decades of experience with large enterprise breach and response scenarios and hold multiple professional certifications related to IR including CIH, CHFI, GCIA, and GCFA.


IR Planning

GuardSight improves enterprise response by providing an agile mission based model designed to help teams move with alacrity and memorialize activity during response. GuardSight transforms dysfunctional incident response into functional incident response.

Breach Containment

GuardSight provides on-demand analysts and senior commanders for containment situations. GuardSight is able to assist response teams with arresting bad actor progress and limiting the scope and magnitude of asset compromise.

Digital Forensics

GuardSight assists with the identification, acquisition, analysis, and preservation of data obtained during response activities. GuardSight assists response teams by developing formal digital forensics work instructions and training programs.

After Action Reporting

GuardSight develops post response reports and opportunities for improvement details using the artifacts produced from the various response missions. GuardSight applies consistent materials for multiple audiences interested in response activity and after actions.


GuardSight develops and maintains intelligence collection and analysis infrastructures that enable companies to properly manage closed and open source cyber security intelligence. GuardSight provides proper management of large scale reservoirs of log data and machine messages to provide security teams the intelligence required to identify bad actor behavior at various positions of the cyber kill chain. GuardSight uses intelligence collection data to improve situational awareness and provide reputation and population behavior for security analysts and security architects. GuardSight offers many years of experience with managing enterprise level intelligence collection networks. GuardSight security analysts hold multiple professional certifications related to security intelligence including CISSP, CISM, CISA, and GCIA.


Log Management

GuardSight assists enterprises with the professional management of closed and open source cyber security intelligence. GuardSight enriches detection and forensics capabilities by improving existing logging infrastructures or developing new ones.

Packet Capture

GuardSight improves real time analysis and digital forensics capabilities by developing and maintaining packet capture systems. Full content inspection provides analysts and machines with the data required to effectively combat bad actors.